The World’s Most Portable and Versatile Desktop Milling Machine

Mills PCBs with professional reliability and precision every time! Capable of cutting brass, aluminum, plastics, and more.


Accelerate Your P

roduct Development

With a Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine, you have endless prototyping potential right at your fingertips. We’ve designed it to be lightweight, compact, and quiet so that you can continue tweaking your designs at your desk while watching the machine mill each iteration. You’ll be able to make dozens of PCB prototypes within a single day. Get your work done ahead of schedule and under budget. Welcome to true rapid prototyping!


PRecision & Reliability

Small but mighty. Don’t be fooled by the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine’s size. It can precisely machine 6-mil traces with micro-stepping down to 0.000125” while holding a repeatability of .001”. This machine is integrated with an auto-probing feature to accurately measure your tool length and will probe stock material to ensure precise and accurate results, every time.


Easy to use

The Bantam Tools Milling Machine Software is intuitive and easy to use. Simply import your EAGLE or Gerber file, choose your tooling from the dropdown menu, and you’ll immediately see a preview of your design. The software provides real-time feedback and supports SVG integration, making it fast and easy to add text or other design elements to your projects.


WORKING VOLUME: 5.5” × 4.5” × 1.6”

OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 12.75” × 12” × 12.875”

MAX TRAVERSE: 100 in/min

SPINDLE SPEED: 8,5000–26,000 rpm

ACCURACY: < .003” / 6” linear travel


BACKLASH: < .001”

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 100-240 V AC 50/60Hz 1.4A

TOOL HOLDING: ER-11 collet




Kevin tian, UC BERKELEY

“one of the easiest Machines to use. you don’t even necessarily need a manual.”


More Than A PCB Milling Machine

The Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine is so much more than a CNC for electrical engineers. Because of its whopping 26K spindle speed and high-resolution stepper motors, this desktop milling machine is a great choice for machining small parts with precision and accuracy. It’s capable of milling brass, aluminum, Delrin, wood, and a range of engineering plastics.


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