Embedded System Firmware Engineer

We are looking for an embedded system firmware engineer to help us develop innovative CNC machine interfaces and exciting consumer-oriented design tools.

Bantam Tools is a Berkeley-based hardware & software business. We care about widespread public access to digital design and desktop manufacturing tools. We believe that hardware should be robust, software experiences should be seamless, and community is the foundation for meaningful customer relationships.

Job responsibilities

We make a desktop application that is the primary CAM and machine control interface for our CNC machines. We have undergone an acquisition and transition from startup to small business and are rebuilding our product development team. Our goal is to build upon the existing ease-of-use of our products and further simplify in order to reach a broader set of users.  Depending on your interests, you will have opportunities to address novel and interesting questions in a variety of domains, including computational geometry, motion control, hardware/firmware interfacing, 3D graphics, and intuitive UI/UX for complex machining operations.


  • 2 years experience with programming desktop applications.
  • Strong object-oriented programming and design skills
  • Knowledge of C++ or other C dialects
  • Attention to detail and aesthetics
  • Excited about constantly learning new technologies

Bonus skills

  • Experience with multi-platform desktop development
  • Experience with embedded systems
  • Experience with firmware
  • Experience with the Qt framework
  • Familiar with modern C++11 idioms
  • Familiar with CNC machines and the current state of the art in CAD/CAM software
  • Comfortable writing multi-threaded, asynchronous code
  • Ability to code custom widgets and controls from design specifications
  • Experience with OpenGL or other graphics programming
  • Knowledge of AVR/ARM development practices


This is a full-time position, with flexible location. Compensation is competitive, commensurate with experience, with benefits. 

About Us

We do what we do because we believe that the future of hardware is small-batch, ultra-customized, and on-demand. When we think about the future we see manufacturing and prototyping in a fully-distributed model, with large and small companies fabricating custom products locally and on demand. Our products put high-precision manufacturing capabilities in the hands of many people, often for the first time. We enable these people, saving them time and money, and we open doors for them in terms of employment mobility and pathways to modern technical relevance through hands-on education.

Bantam Tools is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applicants without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or veteran status.

Please Apply by sending Resume and Cover Letter to jobs@bantamtools.com