Converting Gerber Files to G-Code with FlatCAM

PCB design in FlatCam

Here at Bantam Tools, we believe one of the most important assets we can provide to CNC mill users is a robust library of support materials. Sharing knowledge is caring about community. To that end, we've been digging through our extensive Bantam Tools archive of support materials and unearthing some timeless gems to resurface and share.

Over on our YouTube channel, one of our most popular videos happens to be from 2015, and it's still proving to be useful, getting views and positive comments to this day. It covers Converting Gerber Files to G-Code with FlatCAM, a skill useful to any PCB designer and CNC mill user. As noted in the video, folks who use EAGLE for PCB design can do this conversion with a plug-in called PCB-GCode, but FlatCAM works for any PCB software package available, provided it follows Gerber and Excellon drill formats correctly. 

There are four steps to the conversion:
1. Port Gerber and Excellon files.
2. Create geometry.
3. Make toolpaths.
4. Export G-code. 

Our video succinctly walks you through them all:


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